Pastoral Ministry

List of Clergy of Faisalabad Diocese

Sr. No Name Designation Parish Area
Faisalabad Deanery
1 Rev. Imran Samuel (DS) Priest St. Peter church FSD
2 Rev. Samuel Ghulam Priest Chiniot City
3 Rev. Khalid Nadeem Priest Ghulamabad FSD
4 Rev. Iffat Augustin Priest St. Thomas Church Chak # 226/R.B
5 Rev. Imran Nasir Priest St. Mathew’s Church Chak # 170/G.B
Gojra Deanery
6 Rev. Aslam Masih (DS) Priest St. John’s Cathedral Gojra
7 Rev. Babar Masih Priest St. John’s Cathedral Hazara colony
8 Rev. Razwan Yousaf Priest Chak # 178/G.B Gogah
9 Rev. Mohsin Mehmood Priest Chak # 354/J.B Qadarabad
10 Rev. Manzoor Masih Priest Chak # 268/R.B
11 Rev. Robin James Priest Chak # 272/R.B
12 Rev. Asad Ameem Priest Chak # 302 / Noorpur
13 Rev. Ilyas Masih Priest -
14 Rev. Samson Yaqoob Deacon Chak # 368/J.B -
15 Babu Liaqat Masih Catechist Chak # 286/G.B
16 Babu Qamar Ilyas Catechist Chak no 424 / J.B
Chak no 424 / J.B Montgomarywala Deanery
17 Rev. Waqas Khalid (DS) Priest Epiphany Church, Chak no 424 / J.B
18 Rev. Waqas Iqbal Priest Chak no 430 / J.B
19 Rev. Nadeem Mubarik Priest Chak no 415 / J.B
20 Rev. Amir shakeel Priest Chak no 349 / J.B
21 Rev. Imran Qasir Deacon Jhang City
22 Babu Shehbaz Masih Catechist Chak no 357 / J.B , KaloDei
23 Babu Ashir Catechist Chak no 424 / J.B
Samundri Deanery
24 Rev. Ashraf Waseem (DS) Priest Chak no 462 / G.B
25 Rev. Talib Masih Priest Sammundri city
26 Rev. Asif Waseem Priest Mamukanjan
27 Rev. Nadeem Gill Priest Chak no 214 / G.B
28 Rev. Nadeem Barkat Priest Chak no 292 / G.B
29 Rev. Irshad Gill Priest Chak no 228 / G.B
30 Rev. Amoon Younis Priest Chak no 420 /Burhan Jhok
31 Rev. Munir Masih Deacon Chak no 212 / G.B
32 Rev. Afzal Masih Deacon -
33 Babu Eammanuel Catechist -
34 Babu Zaheer Catechist Chak no 469 / G.B Samundri
Toba Tek Singh Deanery
35 Rev. Younis Jalal (DS) Priest St. Thomas Church T.T Singh
36 Rev. Irshad Finhas Priest Chak no 319 / J.B
37 Rev. Mushtaq Masih Priest Shorkot City
38 Rev. Taswar Khan Priest Chak no 284 / J.B Rajana
39 Rev. Francis Xavier Priest Pakhowal
40 Rev. Shahzad Deacon Chak no 335 / J.B
Chak no 335 / J.B Dostpur Deanery
41 Rev. Isaac Javed (DS) Priest Chak no 335 / J.B , Dostpur
42 Rev. Toseef shahbaz Priest Chak no 362 / J.B Korian
43 Rev. Kamran Deacon Chak no 332 / J.B , Dhonipur
36 / D.B Khushab Deanery
44 Rev. Nikson John (DS) Priest 36 / D.B Khushab
45 Rev. Pervaiz Iqbal Priest Sargodha City
46 Rev. Samuel Sameer Priest Bakhar City
47 Rev. Javed Raza Deacon 78 – NB Sargodha
48 Rev. Hizkeil Deacon Kalarkahar
49 Rev. Asif Anwar Deacon Shahpur
50 Babu Mohsin Masih Catechist Hafazwala
51 Rev. David Atwar Priest -
52 Rev. Kashif Mehmood Deacon Chak no 438 / J.B T.T Singh

Pastoral Ministry of Faisalabad Diocese is Guided by our unwavering faith and commitment to serving God's people, our Pastoral Ministry is a beacon of love, compassion, and outreach. With a deep-rooted focus on fostering spiritual growth, building connections, and offering support to all members of our Diocese, we endeavor to create a nurturing environment where faith flourishes and lives are transformed. Through a diverse range of programs, worship services, educational initiatives, and community engagement efforts, we strive to embody the teachings of Christ and make a positive impact on the lives of those we are privileged to serve. Join us in this sacred journey of faith, as together, we continue to build a stronger, more connected, and spiritually enriched community within the Faisalabad Diocese.